COP19: University of California students call for oceans to be part of climate debate

Natalya Gallo, Lauren Linsmayer, Yassir Eddebbar , University of California, San Diego

From Warsaw: COP19 UN Climate Change Conference 2013 in November 2013

COP19 (20/11/13) – The Ocean Scientists for Informed Policy talk about the importance of including oceans in the climate policy agenda.

Students from the University of California, Natalya Gallo, Lauren Linsmayer and Yassir Eddebbar, say policy makers need to look at global temperatures as part of the entire climate system. Temperature increases are not just about the surface, but should also include oceans.

They say policy makers underestimate the importance of the oceans in regulating life on earth.

Oceans are experiencing warming, acidification, and losing oxygen resulting in the loss of fish, crustaceans and plant life which are important to the the diets of not just people, but animals both above water and below.