COP19: Stefania Romano, Regional Environmental Center

Stefania Romano , Regional Environmental Center

From Warsaw: COP19 UN Climate Change Conference 2013 in November 2013

COP19 (19/11/13) – Through the Regional Environmental Center, the Italian government is helping the Middle East and North Africa region to move to a low carbon economy, says Stefania Romano, the Center’s Head of Italian Trust Fund.

The project in the MENA uses businesses to mobilise the region towards green growth. Romano says the commitment and competence, momentum and strong ambition is there, but through the Center they have created a platform where CEOs can share their ideas.

She says the goal is to use what they are doing in the MENA as a model for other regions, because although mitigation and adaptation is expensive, inaction is much more expensive.

Romano says despite the frustration of how slowly the talks are moving, this international process remains important, but she believes it is now time for politicians to stop saying “I care”, and instead say “I do.”



  • Maria Heide

    Dearest Bruce Callow,
    I would love to hear what Stephania Romano is saying, as I think regional environment improvements are important in our world of complex settings. To know what productive use each environment is best for, and how to care for each, takes a lot of wisdom & knowledge.
    The need for wholesome foods in place of drug related plants, and how to cause the soil to produce these is a challenge for our human beings to keep up. This is a whole lot easier than the destruction many of our people create. When we all collaborate for this cause, whole some foods are enormously tasty, such as cinnamon, honey, cane sugar, maple syrup etc., and they do us no harm :) .
    I like to speak my thoughts on very important things in life :) , I am so excited!!!
    I knew you were the smartest man on this blessed earth :) :):).
    Yours Truly,
    Maria Heide :) :):)